Futuristic Showroom

The relationship between art and architecture is historically fraught with strain and tension. While architecture views art as frivolous and excessive due to its lack of function, art considers architecture as uncreative and restrictive because of its affiliation with utilitarian demands.

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However, this antagonistic relationship finds forceful resolution in the studio showroom of Triz Arte. Located at Inchcape Marketing Building along Keppel Road, the showroom overcomes the traditional dichotomy between art and architecture to create an amalgamation of both disciplines, harnessing the merits of each. Bold, arresting and unapologetic, the showroom asserts a definitive presence in the humble brick building which used to function as a warehouse storage facility.

Fluid lines trace the ceiling and walls in a continuous caress that is dynamic yet controlled. Sinuous surfaces break away from angular restraints of the original space to evoke exquisite geometries, documenting seamless gestures frozen in time. The monochromatic white wash of the walls accentuates the evocative forms, its purity and abstraction recalling that of modernist sculptures. Like a piece of abstract art, the formal ambiguity of the space becomes a canvas for one’s imagination. The experience of space is both enigmatic and illusory.

Soft, recessed lighting emits a spectral glow which enhances the sculptural forms. Atmospheric and surreal, the fluid contours of the space are suggestive yet ambivalent.In the mind of the observer, this could be a dreamscape, where meaning is multifarious and unbridled. The space, like its fluid forms, is innovative and contingent. Altered in accordance to events and needs, the experience of space is myriad and diverse. Invisible hinges and concealed alcoves transform the space from a showroom to a discussion room for meetings with clients. With a few simple motions, functional elements are revealed. The movable components and customized objects fully utilize the leftover niches from the creation of organic forms. A space of movement and surprises, functionality is realized together with the radicalism of form.

The evocativeness of the sculpted forms is inspired by the amorphous quality of water at different ambient conditions. To encapsulate the dynamic yet static forms of water in its various states, a complex hexahedron was conceived. In a rigorous and precise order, each line and surface of the sculpted forms is methodically realized from five successive rotations of the complex hexahedron about a vertex. Simulating the renewing property of water, each rotation gave life to the originally sterile and inert rectangular space. At once sculptural and functional, expressive and utilitarian, the studio showroom offers a synthesis of the distinctions between art and architecture. Straddling both disciplines, Triz Arte invents a new design language. One that is inventive, abstract, futuristic and experimental.

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