Futuristic Landed House

Snow White Interior
Wavy Island
Lounge @ roof terrace
Snow Flakes In The House
Dining By The Pool
Revel in Pure White Bath
Tuck into Futuristic
Exquisite Bedroom
Snowy Starry Room
Work out on the roof






































In a country ravaged by unendurable hot tropical weather, it becomes imperative to design your living space in an intellectual way. “We propose plans and ideas which combat such climatic challenges and help the residents to accentuate their level of comfort. Our goal is to amalgamate comfort with beauty. Visual and physical gratification is plan in compliance with the built masonry works.”The theme is a futuristic one and attempts to deceive the brain into believing otherwise. By creating contrasting elements of nature viz. cold and windy mountains, your brain can be made to believe that the climate is endurable and cool, instead of hot and searing. This form of interior designing aims towards stimulating the hormones of the body by creating certain visual effects. We can experience a surreal moment once we step into a house that has been revamped to mimic a region from the Frigid Zone.

Technology has come to our aid in this process since effective use of translucent resins and embedded white glass bits are made to imitate the motion of falling snow. The crystallized snowflakes, the silhouette of the glacial mountains and the visible outlining of snow in the ceiling recreate a world which is entirely different from the tropical world you live in.

The interior designing is executed with professional candidness with optimum visual effects catered into the living room, dining hall and the bedroom. The snowy landscape depicted in these chambers leading to the white-glass paneled bedroom is bliss to the eyes and the heart. The look is complete with the dry kitchen cabinet complementing the milieu and bringing in a spasm of comforting cold into your space.

We also specialize in revamping the centre piece. By meticulous and intelligent arrangement of snow-coated acrylic blocks of a disparate size, the effect of the falling snow can be lent an unusual amount of realism. The angular projection and the light touché mimic the colder climes of the planet to near perfection.

The sheer amount of reality helps you to effortlessly feel the freshness, coolness and thrill of snow. During night time, the lighted resins conjure a mystifying milieu with a sight which can leave you becharmed and enslaved.

This futuristic principle is effectively applied to all the corners of the house. The twin effect created by daunting mountains and pristine-white snow injects the rawness of a freezing landscape. The motional imagery of sprawling mountains leaves little doubt in your mind of the authenticity of their existence.

In order to set the mountains into dynamic motion, angulated woodworks and upholstery are discreetly placed in the rooms. Special emphasis is also lent on the recess line works at the ceiling to accentuate the direction of the motion and bring about a sense of closure.

They trigger an unconscious connect with cold nature and one feels at home with them. The whole idea behind this futuristic design is to create a ‘winter world’ within the house to escape the scorching heat that ails the weather outside. This marvelous form of interior designing is a stepping stone towards creating snowfall in an otherwise hot tropical island.

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